This is further to the previous notice released by the Department of Immigration and Emigration on 09.05.2020 with regard to the extension of visas for the Foreigners residing in Sri Lanka.
Having considered the spread of Covid-19 virus in the country, the validity period of all types of Visas issued to all foreigners who are currently residing in Sri Lanka had been extended till 11th June 2020 and advised them to pay the relevant visa fee and get the visa endorsed in the Passport by securing an appointment on or before 11th June 2020.

However, the Department is observed that, most of the foreigners currently staying in Sri Lanka are unable to leave so far due to the closure of the Airports in many countries and as the number is very high; many of them unable to secure an appointment via the above system before 11th June 2020.

Considering the aforementioned circumstances, it is decided to extend the validity period of all types of Visas for another period of 30 days with effect from 11th June 2020 to 11th July 2020 to allow all the foreigners to regularize their visas accordingly.

Therefore, you are kindly requested to proceed as advised below.

  1. All the applicants are hereby advise to pay the relevant visa fee and get the visa endorsed in the Passport by securing an appointment via the below mentioned link on or before 11th July 2020. All the visas which expire between March 7th to July 11th 2020, will be exempted from charging overstay penalty.
  2. Those who possess a due Appointment Notice are only be permitted to enter the Department. Please be noted that a limited number of appointments will be given per day and the applicants shall be present at the Department 15 min prior to the allocated time.
  3. If you have any query in this regard, please contact our officials through following modes.

For Visit Visas:

For Residence Visas:

Telephone: 0707101050 (Between 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. only)

  1. Due to the unavoidable circumstances, if Government imposed curfew on the date which you have obtained the appointment, please do not visit the Department, instead please drop an email to the aforementioned email addresses attaching your “Appointment Notice”. You will be facilitated with a new appointment in due course.
  2. Further, if you intend to leave the island during the aforementioned period; your journey will be also facilitated by paying the relevant visa fee at the Airport.

This notice is as per the instructions of the Controller General of Immigration and Emigration.

Source : Department of Immigration and Emigration

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